How to subtitle videos

Setting up an account

Before subtitling a video you first need to set up an account. Simply click Create new account in the User login box on the right and follow the instructions.

Once you have logged in you will be able to create and edit annotated videos.

Creating an annotated video

An annotated video is a video with a corresponding annotation file containing subtitles and time-skip commands. There are two ways to create one ...

  1. From scratch. Click the Subtitle a video link in the menu bar to create a new one.
  2. Modify existing annotations. Many users who create video annotations choose to make the source publicly available. Typically the subtitles have already been synchronized to the voices, so it's usually just a matter of changing the words. If an annotation is public you'll see a Copy annotations link under the video. Just click on it and start editing.

When creating an annotated video there are a number of fields to fill in ...

  • Title. The title of your annotated video.
  • Video ID. The 11-character ID that identifies a YouTube video. For convenience you can copy the URL of a YouTube video into this field, and the ID will be automatically extracted.
  • Start and end times. These are optional fields. If enabled, they specify the time at which the video will start playing and the time at which it will stop. This is useful for playing only part of a video.
  • The annotations. The Add subtitle button will add an empty subtitle with the default colour and font size. Click the Edit link on the right to fill in its details. The entry type can be changed from Text to Skip, which will cause part of the video to be skipped.
  • Language. The language the subtitles are written in.
  • Description. A paragraph or two describing the annotated video.
  • Visible to others. By default a video will appear in search results and may be shown on the front page if it is popular enough. However, if this field is not set the video will not appear. Note that it is always possible to share a video using a direct link to its page.
  • Annotation commands visible. When set, the annotations (subtitles and time skipping) used for the video can be seen and copied by others.

When you have finished, click Save and the new video will be saved under your account.