Sharing videos

There are four ways to share subtitled videos ...

  • Provide a link to a video's page
  • Share a link via Twitter
  • Like a video with Facebook
  • Embed a video in another web page

Page links
Links to annotated videos are of the form where id is a number. The ID can be obtained from your browser's address bar when viewing a video's page.

To share via Twitter, simply click on the Tweet button at the bottom of a video's page. The posted tweet will contain a link to the video.

Clicking the Like button on a video's page allows you to share the video via Facebook.

An annotated video can be incorporated directly within a web page using an iframe. For example,

<iframe width=640 height=390 src=></iframe>

will embed the annotated video with ID = 4 in a 640 x 390 pixel iframe.

To prevent black bands appearing on the sides or across the top and bottom of a video, iframes should have an aspect ratio of 16:9, with an optional 30 additional vertical pixels to display the YouTube controls.